University of the People

Agency: Nas Daily Inc.

Guinea, Liberia, Kenya, UAE

University of the People is advertised to be a tuition-free online accredited university with students all over the world. I was hired by the Nas Daily agency where I was given 4 scripts and was told to go to Guinea, Liberia, Kenya, and the UAE to meet 4 of these students and create 4 ads for the University of the People, which are to this day, the university's top preforming ads.

More to Sita's Story

Meeting Sita had a huge impact on my life. He is a kind-hearted man with huge ambition and I felt like the ad left so much out of his story that I needed to re-tell Sita's story on my own platform to help him achieve his dreams once and for all.

Thanks to storytelling, this video got 350K view on TikTok and raised $7000 for Sita!

Full Ads for the University of the People:

Abubakar in Liberia

Thomas in Kenya

Joe in UAE

Sita's Full Ad - Guinea