Diving Into The Deep-End

A life changing adventure

This is the adventure that launched my career. In 2018, I was 24, having just completed a BSc in Physiology at McGill University and 2 months away from obtaining another degree in Nutrition, I got the opportunity to join Nas Daily in Morocco with 4 other creators to help him create his videos with the chance of staying with him to be an editor and videographer. I was well versed in photography, but the only video I had ever made was my application video to Nas Daily that brought me to Morocco. After proving my work-ethic and ability to edit the daily 1-minute videos that Nas Daily created, I pivoted from the science world to the creative one and joined the Nas Daily team on a 2-month long adventure that brought me to Japan, USA, Puerto Rico, and Senegal. Creating daily videos was like diving into the deep-end. It's where I got a crash course and learned how to create social media videos. The following videos are a few examples of the work that we created together, all of which were a collaboration between Nuseir (Nas Daily), Alyne, Project Nightfall, and myself.