A 17-Day Canoe Camping Adventure

Fall 2019 // Algonquin Park

This is a love story

Quitting our jobs and selling everything with the goal of moving away from Canada, Elena and I wanted to go on one last proper adventure to say goodbye to this beautiful country. Canoe camping was always something that intrigued us but we had never done it. So it only was right to take it to the extreme and venture into Algonquin Park for a 17-day adventure in isolation. Just us and our canoe from Algonquin Outfitters, our partner for this adventure, "Truffle".

I fell in love in Algonquin Park, with the girl and the land. I told that story with a 5-part series and a short film on YouTube as well as with short format stories on TikTok that combined more than 3 million views.

The Complete Adventure

This film tells the raw story of the whole adventure, from hardships to love to lessons learned.

Scroll to the bottom for the 5-part series.

A 5-Part Series

A lot of learning happens when you're outside your comfort zone for 17-days, so we decided to create a 5-part series to really give this story justice. Please find the rest of the episodes on my YouTube channel.

Short format videos - TikTok

This story was told in 20 different short format videos that accumulated over 3 million views on TikTok. The foundation of these videos is a well written script that is reinforced with footage that tells the story and shows our personalities and dynamic.